some ppl shouldn't get tattoos
written @ 12:20 p.m. on 2005-08-28

Ok, so i had an interesting lil convo w/ a past friend just now. today, ~at 3pm~ she's going to get ivy vines tattooed on her foot. i asked her y is she doing that and she said "b/c i like getting tattoos, and kelly said it would look cool on my foot."

Y!? y would u pick vines... and to put it on ur foot? u don't get something like that "just b/c it looks cool and u like tattoos". just b/c one of ur friends says it looks cool, doesn't mean u should get it. u should get what u want. i think if ur going to get a tattoo, have it mean something besides a pretty painting. i mean, she got a tattoo of her initials in a heart and stuff. i told her that was kinda pointless b/c eventually, she's going to get married and that last letter will b different. gee, who knos, she'll end up hating that tattoo when she realizes how stupid it really is.

I'm waiting for my tattoo. im thinking when i have a kid, i'll get it's name on me w/ maybe a pic of it, or something meaningful next to it. i figure, it's a kid and it will always b my kid no matter what happens or how mad i am at it. hahaha, a mother always loves her kids. then maybe i'll go crazy w/ the tattoos, but i want my first one to mean something.

Then after i kinda made fun of her by saying, "next ur going to get butterflies, flowers and lil hearts w/ names in them just b/c they look cool and u like tattoos." i think she got mad b/c after that, she signed off. my point exactly...

And she doesn't even stand up for herself after a comment like that. she shouldn't have tattoos if she can't stand up to critizism or w/e. what is she going to say when someone asks her seriously y she got it in the first place, w/o sounding stupid like "well, i thought it was cool looking and b/c i like getting tattoos"? i mean, she could've said "well, i got the ivy b/c i've got irish in me (or w/e reason) and i (blank...w/e) my foot." i believe im more irish than she is. im 50% irish/ 50% german. she can't b more than 50% irish, she has too much of other stuff in her.

I'm hoping she's rethinking bout the tattoo, or at least the tattooist will ask her seriously y she's getting it. i watched a couple episodes of that miami ink or w/e, and when ppl come in, the guy normally asks the person(s) y they want what they want. normally, they have a good reason.


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